Restoration operate indoor terracotta ground. It was a mud floor gentle tone with heaps of stains. At the time the soil was taken care of with linseed oil variety item, but at the time of onset of labor had dropped practically all its protective properties.We had to proceed in a initial period to a pickling procedure for removing the outdated processor and the embedded stains that appeared. Because several regions experienced heaps of really embedded stains, we experienced to repeat the stripping method on much more than 1 situation to get eradicate these spots.Following the pickling stage, we proceeded to rinse and scrub the flooring with the suitable merchandise to get rid of any salt that may have the flooring.After a week as soon as completely dry soil, observe that the stain removal was achieved virtually completely.After drying the ground, we proceeded to the implementation of therapy inside with satin finish in two phases. A very first application with a standard treatment method for sealing pore clay and a 2nd therapy with a satin finish for total waterproofing and ground to give shiny finish ground clay.


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