The point of data is to help guide your decisions as a content marketer.Google has collected a vast amount of data about your business and your customers.And by signing up for a free Google Analytics account, you can turn that wealth of data into actionable information.This can show you how your content marketing strategy is performing and which specific areas you can improve.And it can help you answer some of the following key questions:Are my current content marketing efforts effective?What are some quick wins for content marketing that I’ve been missing?Where are my “leaking pages,” and how can I fix them?What do my trends look like?Am I getting better or worse at content marketing?Which types of content are most effective at building traffic? What about converting customers?What are some worthwhile content marketing gaps I’ve been missing?The more data you have, the better equipped you are to make decisions about your overall content marketing strategy as well as your next campaign.Here’s an example of a solid marketing strategy using Analytics:


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