The operate carried out consisted of two sections:On the 1 hand we had to appear again to try a clay soil that after presently been experimented with, but the ravages of time and the housing reform currently being carried out, was really off, worn and missing of its waterproofing houses. The process to do was carry out a light cleansing of the soil to erode even much more the mainstay of treatment method and then applying a 1st coat of primer and matte following customer technical specs.Moreover there experienced been a few of extensions in regions of the house in which he had positioned the exact same type of clay but entirely unspoiled with out any therapy and the goal was thoroughly clean and handle and over all obtaining it unified with the rest of the mud, so noticed no variation with the oldest mud.In this scenario it proceeded to a complete ground cleaning and subsequent therapy of two layers with the very same kind of end and managed to unify completely with the oldest mud.


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