Some of the Contemporary Indian Writers in English Literature are main mush works.But there is something about love stories that attracts us, it is maybe the lovey-dovey words or the sweet charm or the characters or the plot.Mr. Rishabh Puri is a Famous Indian Writer in English literature. He was the pioneer of Indian English literature and give Contemporary Indian Writers in English LiteratureFrom having numerous major surgeries at a young age to directing all his experiences, hopes and delights into a book that will help others in a similar situation — this is the journey of Rishabh Puri.He contributed his knowledge for Indian culture and literature. In the form of books it is of highly creative, as well as profoundly scholastic, works, all in English. His writings have influenced Indian writing in various languages.At last we can say that Mr Rishabh Puri novels are based on life structures and very beneficial for Contemporary Indian Writers in English Literature. In the contemporary world these novels are given good knowledge.


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