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The Largest Construction Jobs Board In The UK. Almost 200,000 construction jobs could be slashed if Britain loses access to the European single market, jeopardising half a billion pounds worth of infrastructure projects and construction jobs dealing a sharp blow to major UK cities’ global competitiveness, according to a study.The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors in a report published Wednesday said that 8 per cent of the UK’s construction workers are EU nationals, accounting for some 176,500 individuals in construction jobs. The RICS said in Wednesdays report that UK construction is already “in the grip of a skills crisis” and that the Government must put interim, transitionary arrangements in place to avoid a potential “cliff edge”. It also said that Westminster must “seek out and attract private investors” that can help safeguard the future of the sector during these turbulent times with construction jobs.“This is key to improving our productivity and regional rebalancing in the UK, while enabling us to become an even greater global gateway for trade and tourism beyond Brexit,” the institution wrote. View construction jobs web board for info.


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