d the gardenwall a beach curved around a blue, Armygreen White Unisex Adidas Superstar Slip On On Feet Trainersinviting bay. You could hear thesound of the waves on the beach and there was a tang of Black Ladies Adidas Superstar Slip On Skull On Feet Trainerssalt in the air.lsquo;Hang on,rsquo; he said with a sudden frown. lsquo;Is it remotely possible thatthis Ms Livingstone wersquo;re talking about is actually Harriet Livingstone?Because, if so, forget it, Arthur.rsquo;Arthur Tindall, art connoisseur and colourful dressermdash;he Black Red Unisex Adidas Superstar Slip On W On Feet Trainerswore jeans and ayellow waistcoat patterned with black elephants over a maroonshirtmdash;looked confused. lsquo;Yoursquo;ve met her?rsquo; he asked from the other side ofthe desk.lsquo;I donrsquo;t know. Unless there are two


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