ack. It had seemed so simpleearlier, so very easy. Now that she was about to do it, Mens On Feet Adidas Originals Suede Zx Flux Black Red Sneakersit wasnlsquo;t asuncomplicated as shelsquo;d thought. Mens On Feet Adidas Suede Zx Flux Black White Sneakers;Donrsquo;t,rdquo; she told herself,;donrsquo;t you dare be a coward.rdquo;Sara squeezed her eyes tight against the burning wetness. Mens On Feet Adidas Suede Zx Flux Navy Red SneakersIt trickledpast the closed eyelids and made jagged trails down her cold cheeks. Hehad always loved her eyes, said they were like warm chocolate. Sara letout a shaky laugh. He wouldnrsquo;t think they were so lovable right now,would he? The laughter abruptly cut off and Sara forced her eyes open.It registered in her mind that she was clutching her midsection, asthough to hold the pain in, and she


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