On winding Alpine pass or smooth Italian autostrada, there’s no better way to blast across Europe than in Bentley’s exquisite new Continental GT. Its starting to drizzle as I pull through the toll booth and begin my ascent up Austrias Grossglockner High Alpine Road. Thick fog obscures the view of the mountaintops ahead, and each new mile reveals ribbons of impeccable pavement that appear to have been lovingly drizzled onto the side of this particularly picturesque portion of the Alps.The Grossglockners 36 turns will take me 8,200 feet above sea level and back down again, each hairpin apex offering a vista somehow more breathtaking than the last. Its the sort of road that immediately comes to mind when you close your eyes and imagine a luxurious day of European grand touring in an exquisite machine like the new Bentley Continental GT.That this road was used for testing during the new Continental GTs development is no mere coincidence. And its up here, high above the quaint Alpine villages, where Bentleys new GT shows its improved reflexes, a newfound sense of athleticism thats perfectly dialed into an unflappably luxurious experience. The Continental GT was the first Ben


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